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A small team of designers and developers, who help brands with big ideas.

Start to know us    

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Who are we?

founded in 2012, IdeaSoft is a small web/mobile design and development team based in Mashhad. We all want to achieve in effective design and are fully dedicated to create websites and android applications that are suitable for you. We are sure that all you want will be done and the results can fulfill your expectations.

What are we doing? >

We design website & android app using new technologies.

We design website & android app using new technologies.

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Maryam Rahimi - UI/UX Designer

Maryam rahimi has started her career as web developer since 2011. she specializes the use of modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. she is interested in user experience design, interaction design and design management.
Maryam loves fictions and believes every website should be able to tell its story.

Mahmoud Naseri - Front-end Developer

Mahmoud Naseri is a front-end developer since 2011.
He is interested in JavaScript and He likes to play with NodeJS,PHP, Ruby, Python and other cool stuff.

Hamid Amel Zendedel - App Developer

Hamid Zendedel is a Developer with more than 5 years of well rounded experience In the field of web and mobile applications.
He is interested in Android Developing, Socket programming and any related things with Mobile Devices.

Jalal Rezaei - Back-end Developer

jalal Rezaei has started his exprince as web developer since 2008.
He started with PHP Frameworks such as Symfony,Zend and other frameworks,He interested in NodeJS and No-sql Databases.

UI/UX Designer

Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

Backend Developer


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No 4 , First Floor , Bokharaee 22 , Bokharaee St. , Ahmadabad St. , Mashhad

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0511- 8460984
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